Kid Kovers

Kid Kovers

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This is more than a bib, it’s a kid kover! (Yes it’s also our name sake) It covers your whole kid! Ok, well from neck to knees at least. It covers the lap...where the food really falls. It is attached at the neck with industrial strength velcro so they can’t (or have a very very hard time) getting it off. And if in case they do get it off, it ties at the waist in the back, so the top will just fall on the bottom, keeping all of the food neatly contained. Use it to wipe their hands and face when they are finished eating, and away they go. Use it on the go, in the stroller, at a fancy restaurant, at home or a party. It comes in all colors and designs for girls and boys. It can also be personally embroidered to add a special touch (and make them want to wear it more!

It comes in 3 sizes, infant, toddler, and adult. Need a special size? We aim to please, just let us know what you need.

Create the kid kover of your choice by choosing the fabric and the body color.

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