Grey Ta Dot on Royal Blue Auto Seat Cover

Grey Ta Dot on Royal Blue Auto Seat Cover

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This Auto Seat Cover is the newest item added to the Kid Kovers collection.

This seat cover is a full sized towel measuring 32"x54". It plentifully covers any auto seat. The hood is demonstrated covering a head rest in a Honda Odyssey. The hood completely covers the entire headrest to ensure the towel from slipping when sat upon.

This seat cover can be used for SO many purposes:

*After exercising and sweaty, running, biking, etc...
*After swimming, kayaking, surfing, etc...
*Under a baby car seat or toddler car seat catching their everyday messes
*To place on a too hot leather seat before sitting down.
*When tucked into the hood it can be used as a back rest or pillow.

** PERSONALIZATION. The Auto Seat Cover can be personalized wherever you'd like, however you'd like and if you'd like to or not:)

Folds neatly in itself for easy storage. Easy to keep in the car and not take up a lot of room, and easily accessible on the go.

Made with a terry towel so washes easily!! Wash and use as often as you'd like!

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